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Healing by communication

We often get hurt or suffer some setback due to innumerous reasons. The happiness levels have depleted over the years and people often feel pain within themselves. From being yelled at by your boss to suffering a heartbreak, the reasons vary. We are often told to speak our heart out, but that seems difficult at times. Communication is the reason for anything that happens in the world. Too much or no communication at all can lead to different paths.

Speedy healing and recovery in medical ailments

Consider yourself having some illness. If it is something which isn’t visible, no one would come to know what you are going through. If you express what you exactly feel, there might be a solution or at least some consoling which would motivate or relieve you. Studies have proved that in cases where there exists good communication between a patient and doctor, recovery rates are considerably higher. If a doctor is boosting positivity and trying to talk, the patient’s internal healing increases and recovery is faster. Why do we communicate and whisper in the ear of a person who is in a coma? In Spite of knowing that the person won’t respond, we still try to talk to that person. On the contrary, if a doctor is trying to frighten the patient or not being friendly with communication, this impacts the mental state of the patient. Also recovery seems difficult and delayed. Medicines won’t affect until and unless a person is psychologically accepting or positive about healing. This is the power of communication in the medical field.

Healing by expression

It is necessary that a person should express no matter what the situation is. A good dialogue is the key to healthy relationships and mind. Every person should have that go-to friend, parent or sibling to express and communicate. Sometimes we might be taking a burden or guilt which might not even be that bad and holding this, we keep on hurting ourselves. Try talking to someone and then see the difference. Most of the times, the answers we are looking for are obtained by communicating with the right person. It should also be noted that over communication can lead to more problems. Right amount of words to the right person is the key.

Social networking websites

Some people try to express their feelings by posting on social media websites. This could not be much be effective and you might end up sending the wrong message. Instead, it is suggested to talk to someone rather than talking about someone where it doesn’t make any sense. Communication is a two way process and one way means should not be used .

Healthy communication leads to healthy relationships. And healthy relationships lead to healthy mind. A wound may get healed over time, but some wounds might increase over time. Sometimes it is necessary to pour everything out. This lightens the heaviness within and if the latter person supports and understands, you might be on the path of healing.