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Women and midlife crisis

Woman, a synonym for superhuman, we can say. Change is eminent and so does every living being on this planet has to undergo regardless of willingness. One such change is midlife crisis. What is midlife crisis might be the question arising in your mind. Undergoing any transition which is difficult both physically and mostly mentally during middle age is termed as mid life crisis. We all undergo this transition and dealing with it can be a difficult task. Midlife crisis is not a medical condition, it is a state of mind and has not much scientific theory to back up with.

Midlife crisis can hit a woman at any age after 40s until 60s. How to determine whether midlife crisis has hit? Below are some symptoms depicting you are going through midlife crisis:
• Constant mood swings and stress over petty matters
• Feel like staying alone and anxiety feeling
• Family and career balance seems off track
• Temper is no longer your pet and it comes in without asking
• You love your children a lot but sometimes feel like they should take care of themselves
• You feel like a mess and feel like there is no aim left in your life

A woman’s life is full of rollercoasters and is under constant changes such as getting your first period, breaking up with a boyfriend who promised to marry you, getting married and leaving your parent’s house, giving up or compromising with work and raising a child with absolutely no support. A woman has to face innumerous challenges and yet she proves her superhuman skills. But after getting all through this, when a woman finally thinks that yes, I am going to live for myself she goes through midlife crisis. A woman in her 40s or 50s, has all the right have that midnight pastry or that random drive doing whatever she has missed out in life since this is the time when she actually starts living for herself.

How can women get through midlife crisis?
• Find time for yourself, and it’s time to do all the things you might have thought of and missed out in life due to responsibilities
• Working out everyday enables to release frustration making the day better
• Go on a drive or a random coffee, taking your partner along also is a great idea
• Spend time with your friends and plan trips or outings
• Practice meditation for better focus and peace of mind
• Avoid participating in pointless discussions at home or work, allow them to deal with their own issues
• Listen to your favourite music, read your favourite book or watch your favourite show

A woman is God’s best creation, and we should all make sure she gets all the happiness she deserves. It is not only a woman’s job to keep others happy, she needs some love too!